Satin Bonnets | Kiss Me Goodnight by Styles by Miss Lisa

Wake up FLAWLESS......Sleeping in a satin Kiss Me Goodnight hair bonnet does more to your hair than protecting your style and maintaining your look. Kiss Me Goodnight Hair Bonnets protects your hair from damage minimizing tangling and frizz while locking in moisture and keeps your hair hydrated. Kiss Me Goodnight Hair Bonnets are custom made using 100% satin its smooth surface locks in moisture, reduce friction on your hair which often cause split ends. Kiss Me Goodnight Hair Bonnets provides a double layer of satin allowing moisture to be fully penetrated throughout your hair allowing you to wake up to fully hydrated hair.


I know it may be easier to go to your local beauty supply store and purchase one of their hair bonnets but they are not the best for your hair. We tend to believe that these product are made from satin but they are not. They have been manufactured with cheaper nylon that is transparent, which doesn't provide the protection you need for your hair. Store brought bonnets are not durable because of the low quality and cheaper nylon material.

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase without a satin bonnet or sleeping your hair not covered is a big NO! A cotton pillowcase strips all the moisture from your hair leaving it dry which cause breakage. A cotton pillowcase also snags your hair that leads to broken and damage ends.

I know after working all day coming home from a long day the last thing on your mind is wrapping your hair up. But think about it, when waking up from a good nights rest and you look in the mirror at your unwrap hair, you find yourself spending more time on getting your style to look the way it did before. As you rub you fingers thru it you feel a difference its dryer, it does not has as much body and it’s shading. Then you find yourself having to apply more heat and product to your hair. Too much heat can cause heat damage and too much product can cause you style not to have body.

That is why wearing a satin Kiss Me Goodnight hair bonnet is very important. It protects your hair from dryness, reduce breakage tangling and thinning. Sleeping with a satin Kiss Me Goodnight hair bonnet helps maintain your style without causing kinks. It also keeps your hair from getting frizzy while keeping your hair healthy and hydrated.

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